Day 2 Side effects or flu

Well today is day 2 and after a terrible nights sleep (which is nothing new to me) I woke up feeling exhausted and with a head that felt like I had a jack hammer stuck inside it I rushed around to eat ready for work.

I went from having a headache to feeling like my body was failing me. Everything ached and I was freezing cold. Was this a side effect  of the stress yesterday? Or maybe a side effect from the drugs or was I coming down with something? I don’t know and as I write this I still don’t have a clue.

Anyway, enough self pity. Let’s get a grip here. I went back to hospital today to have more taken. 3 attempts today to find a vein (even using the fancy vein light up gadget they have there) The nurse was fantastic and really reassuring, I told her about my aches and pains and she said it could be a side effect and that if I got any worse to contact her straight away. I left the hospital after about half an hour and off back to work I trundled.

You don’t want to read about my work so I will just say more hot coffee got me through the rest of my day.

i have now made a nest in bed and am currently curled up under my duvet and a blanket trying to hibernate until I feel better (or at least until my alarm goes off for work tomorrow)

Thanks for reading, I am not back at the hospital until next week now so unless something happens I won’t write another blog until then. Stay strong and stay positive.C99249D0-A3DE-42D2-B104-61413233F240

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Side effects or flu

  1. Love this blog Becky. Good luck with the trial. I’m looking forward to hearing how it’s all going and how you’re doing. Look after yourself. X


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