Hugs, Hugs and More Hugs

Hugs, we all need them. They make you feel supported, loved and cherished by those nearest and dearest to us.

That is, unless you have MS. When a hug means something completely different. They are terrifying, painful and just unwanted. When I heard about MS hugs, I thought “Finally a positive to this blasted disease, I nice feeling of being hugged!” that’s until I experienced my first one! I didn’t know what was happening the first time, we all experience them differently. But for me, it felt like I was wearing a corset, it hurt to move, to breathe and even hurt to sit still. So there is no way to ease it. I sat it out, refusing to google Dr myself as I have fell foul of this before and googled headaches and convinced myself I had a tumour or worse! Lets be honest no one needs that added stress of made up scenarios when we have so many real ones to deal with!

Unfortunately for me they are becoming a regular fixture in my already mixed up and jumbled life. Along with falling over and not being able to get up!

Trust me, I have tortoises so I know how ridiculous I look lying there trying to work out how to stand back up. Especially recently when it happened after going to the loo! I fell on all fours, bare bum in the air and had to call my partner for help! I was sure he was just going to set his wine glass down on my back and use me as a coffee table! (Thankfully, he didn’t although he did nearly wet himself laughing at the sight before him)

I am just grateful it didn’t happen at work, because that is something that would require sending the staff who helped me to counselling!


The moral of this rather rambling story is, well I am not sure. Having MS hugs hurts, but for those of you who are suffering, try to stay positive and if your lucky enough to have someone to give you a hug all the better! If not, I am sending you all a virtual hug!Sending-Virtual-Hug

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