Day 15: Another Treatment Day

Hi everyone,

Back at the hospital today for my 2nd round of treatment (apart from the tablets, remember the blind study bit from Day 1? If not read back)

Started with the usual giggles with the nurses and then onto the urine sample. Once they knew I wasn’t pregnant, the trauma of the blood tests starts again. 3 attempts again but they managed to get a viable vein in my arm which is good.

ECG next, made complicated by broken clips so took all my sticky things off only to find new clips so sticky things back on for 2nd attempt. Guess what I managed to stay still, Bonus!

Steroid infusion and oral antihistamines before the infusion of the treatment drug.

While I’m sat here waiting for my drips to finish I wanted to talk about hobbies. I love a good fad, a fad diet a fad drink or a fad hobby. I go all in for a few months, spend a fortune then lose interest and I am not ashamed! Anyway my latest fad is Diamond Paintings, (like the picture at the top of this post) anyway it involves sticking tiny gem things onto a picture. I love them! They are good to use to relax, will hopefully help me maintain my dexterity in my hands and my cognitive function.

So, tell me. What are your hobbies?

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