Day 15: Part two, when things go wrong

Well everyone I was a little premature posting about day 15 as just after I had my treatment infusion things went wrong. My infusion was done over an hour not 4 like the first one. Once it finished, and I heard the telltale beep of the machine I was relieved….

Then things changed, before I had been unhooked from the IV I felt freezing cold and started to fit. When I say fit I don’t mean the epilepsy variety but all my muscles started going in to spasm, lasting about 5 seconds with a few seconds break. This went on for half an hour or so. I won’t lie I was scared, I was regretting my decision to do the trial and being brave going by myself. It hurt, a lot!

My blood pressure spiked, as did my temp and heart rate. I turned grey! That’s never a good look on anyone!

After the half an hour violently having spasms I feel like I have ran a marathon. Anyone who has full blown fits, you have my complete admiration!

The drs and nurses were great, helped keep me calm and kept me laughing, which for anyone who knows me, knows that’s the medicine. I am so grateful to them! They did scare me by telling me they might have to keep me in but assured me it would be like a sleepover. Luckily my temp has come down to more normal levels as has my blood pressure and my heart rate and I was allowed to go home (with a promise that I would text the nurses when I was home safe, it was like a Peter Kay show with me promising to give them 3 rings to know I’m safe. So I am currently tucked up in bed having a minute. Sleep well everyone and remember to like my Facebook page xxx

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