This week has been a funny one, I obviously had a horrible reaction to treatment last Wednesday that left me battling severe muscle pain like I’d torn every muscle in my body for about 3 days.

Thankfully that has gone away and now I’ve started taking gabapentin my aching legs have eased dramatically. Don’t get me wrong they still ache but no where near as bad.

I have decided that I need to be kinder to myself, my life was changed forever in May when I was diagnosed and I’m torn between being grateful that I still have my mobility and devastated by the diagnosis. I’m trying to hard to please everyone and be my “normal” pre-diagnosis self. Well that’s going to change a bit, not totally but a bit. I am going to tell people I’m too tired or too sore to do things. It will kill me admitting that to others but I need to take that step. We all do, it’s not selfish it self care.

Everyone of us “people pleasers” whether we have MS or not need to be a little kinder to ourselves and put ourselves first sometimes. Remember you can’t light other candles if your flame has burnt out!

One thought on “Survival

  1. Hey, I’ve joined the FutureMS trial in Edinburgh to try to predict how my MS will develop. I was only diagnosed with RRMS on 20 August 2018 so it’s all very new to me too. I’m staying positive – there’s nothing I can do about it so I feel there’s no point in being miserable about it. As you say the best thing is to be honest with people – and yourself of course! You have to put yourself first. Take care, Karen.

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