Let’s talk about sleep

After a busy weekend spent with family and friends I am glad I booked a week off work. I spent Monday chilling at home ready for going the hospital on Tuesday. A quick appointment with a physical examination, urine test and bloods. Good news only two attempts to find a vein, getting better, you never know soon it may only be one attempt so I can stop freaking out. Don’t get me wrong my crippling fear of needles is getting better. I no longer have panic attack’s or faint. But I still can’t watch and tend to hold my breath. But I am getting better.

Anyway, after the hospital I went home and needed a little rest, all my spoons used up already and it wasn’t even 11am. Not great. I managed an hour and then woke up. It got me thinking that sleep and exhaustion is MS’s biggest joke. No matter how exhausted I am, I don’t sleep well.

I have never slept through the night from being a baby and it drove my parents to distraction in my younger days. Now it drives me to distraction.

I can be so tired that I can’t even get undressed for bed and collapse on top of the covers and need a rest before I work out how to get underneath my covers, but then the important questions pop into my head. Like do penguins have knees? What did moths fly towards before electricity? And talking of moths, where do they go during the day?

Anyway I can’t fall to sleep, it takes 400 position changes, random twitching and eventually I will fall asleep after a few hours. Oh the bliss of sleep, until I wake up around 2 hours later and the process starts again. It drives me insane. I see near enough every hour during the night and get out of bed looking like I should have a role on the walking dead. Which is great at this time of year and will save me money on Halloween make up, my tired legs making me walk funny so no need to act either. Ooh a positive note for MS, makes Halloween less expensive.

I have an idea to help us all through the day, we are all used to having infusions of steroids and medication so why can’t we have the same for caffeine? Just imagine it, a drip with your caffeine of choice, coffee, red bull or just straight caffeine! Anyone who knows me know I love my caffeine in any form and it does help me get through my days at work.

My question to you is, do any of you have trouble sleeping or have a magic cure? Please let me know so I can stop being an permanently exhausted pigeon.

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