I’ve overdone it!

I cannot tell you all how exhausted I am, I have over done it these past few days and although I had a lot of fun I am paying the price today.

On Wednesday I went shopping with my mum and played netball at night, I was feeling ok.

Thursday mum, dad and I decided to take my 2 year old nephew to Farmer Teds. We looked at the animals, my nephew wasn’t really feeling it so off to the play area we went. Me and him climbed the “big kids” play area which involved a lot of lifting him onto bits he couldn’t reach. Which considering I am like 5 foot 2 is quite an achievement in itself! We went down slides, crawled through tunnels and walked over rope bridges. From there we went on the bouncy pillows. which as you can see is a massive bouncy pillow that had us jumping and trying to do “tricks”. At this point I knew I was pushing it but how could I say no to that little face.

Tobogganing came next, followed my running up and down a hill with a football.

After all this we went to the soft play area, yes I obviously lost my mind at this point and started climbing through the toddler section and trying to not get stuck going down the slides.

Back home for tea, bath and then waited for my brother to pick him up.

I had an awful nights sleep with spasms in my legs and arms and tingling all over.

Today I feel like my batteries have fell out and rolled away just out of reach. My legs are heavy and I have pins and needles. My arms feel like they have weights attached to them.

Was it worth it. Hell yes! On good days I will push myself like a lunatic and on bad days. I hope to try and remember it’s ok to rest and recover so I can do it all again, I will not be beaten I am a warrior!

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