Only I could hurt myself this much!

These last few weeks have been tough and I have pushed myself more than I probably should, but as you probably have guessed by now, I can be quite stubborn and I am refusing to let MS rule my life.

I went to netball twice last week and looked after my 2 year old nephew twice. I have walked more, used stairs rather than lifts and parked further away from places I went. All in an attempt to keep fighting and eating better in attempt to lose some weight.

What have I learned? It hurts, everywhere! I have had pains in my legs that feel like someone is stabbing my bones with red hot pokers. I have had weakness in my arms and shoulders so much that I struggle to dry my hair. I have felt dizzy and sickly, fuzzy headed and tired beyond belief.

Will I give up? Nope, this week I am going to continue my mission and fight until I fall over. Then I will pick myself up and fight again!

MS takes so much of our lives away from us, it threatens to take your spirit and your fight. Don’t let it, it’s ok to be down in that horrible downward and dark spiral, but remember, you don’t live there, you live in the light. So when you are ready climb back up, brush yourself off and keep living xxx

I’m fighting to stay the cool aunt to this little one!

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