New Year, New Me. Just kidding!

Well folks, Christmas is over and the new year is upon us. Did anyone else promise themselves they’d try harder at something? Give something up? I did, I do every year!

Let’s talk about what I decided to do.

1) Look after myself more. Sounds easy yeah? Well let me tell you it isn’t. I was lucky enough to receive bath bombs for Christmas and thought I would treat myself to a bath, face mask and hair mask once a week (as well as my usual showers obviously) It’s not a difficult thing to do, it may help my legs and my sleep pattern.

Did it? In a word, No! It did not, my legs felt a little better during the bath but then felt like I was walking through cement once I had gotten out. As for my sleep, I can honestly say I sleep like a baby. A baby who is teething, has nightmares and generally wakes up every 10 mins. But that’s nothing new for me.

I won’t give up though because I have found them relaxing even if not the cure all I was after.

2) I will eat heathy. This I am managing to be honest but I only started this 3 days ago and it hasn’t been the weekend yet. Fingers crossed I can stay strong.

3) Giving up smoking (well swapping cigs for a vape) again it’s only 3 days in and I haven’t needed bail money yet so that’s all positive.

Resolutions are hard to keep because let’s be honest they are not easy. But neither are our lives living with MS. Apart from all the symptoms that we hide willingly or that simply aren’t visible, we have to cope with the lack of understanding of those around us or the people we meet. We have to go for uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying tests and countless calls and visits to medical professionals. We put on a brave face and a fake smile when inside our bodies are screaming in pain, failing us or generally not being very nice to us. We struggle through the fatigue and the insomnia.

Why do we need more difficulty in our lives? Why do we try to change things about ourselves? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s because I want to be a better and healthier person. But sometimes I need to remind myself, that I am not doing a bad job already. None of us are, we are courageous, we are strong and we will continue to fight on, even when we think we can’t!

So everyone reading this, keep being awesome!

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