The funny things that have happened to me recently thanks to MS

I don’t sleep well, I never have. But recently its hit an all time high in the hours I spend staring at the bedroom ceiling, and that’s where I am writing from today.

I haven’t had my next treatment yet because the MRI scanner broke so while I am waiting around for my appointment to come through I thought I would write a little list of the silly things I have done and blame MS for.

1) Worked for 3 hours straight on a really complex spreadsheet for work then saved over it and had to start again.

2) I put my knickers on back to front and didn’t realise for most of the day.

3) Left work and walked for 5 mins to my car to realise I left my handbag in the office so had to walk all the way back and upstairs to get it.

4) Locked myself in the toilet, panicking until I remembered I had to unlock the door before it opened.

5) Fell over more times than I would like to admit.

6) Said “your welcome” instead of thank you when being served in the shop. Leaving the cashier looking at me strangely.

7) Put my cup of coffee in the fridge.

I hope these examples have made you smile like they did me. I do find laughter is the best medicine, which is a good job really with what MS makes me do.

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