What a week (and a bit)

What a week it’s been. I had another infusion for my medical trial which unfortunately didn’t go smoothly. Firstly the ECG was put on wrong so didn’t work, then the sticky things didn’t stick, so I ended up covered in tape.

Then they couldn’t find a vein for my cannula. 5 attempts and my arms in a bucket of hot water it finally worked. The infusion itself went without a hitch, as did the rest of the visit thankfully but was in the hospital from 10 am till 6pm.

I went to Chester for a night away, it was lovely however my MS brain left me without a hair brush but I only discovered that after I had been for a sauna and swim. So I had to dry and straighten my hair using a little fold up handbag brush. In the morning my straighteners would wouldn’t, I tried 3 different plug sockets with a growing sense of dread. Then I realised it was my hairdryer I was plugging in and not the straighteners. So a happy ending there at least.

I went out for a lovely Mexican with my family to celebrate my brother getting a new job. My nephew insisted me and my dad wore the sombreros and who could say no to that little face.

I was also off work on annual leave this week which has been nice and provided me plenty of opportunities to rest through the day as my sleeping at night is constantly disturbed by twitchy legs, needing a wee or just because my body hates me sleeping.

How has everyone else spent their week?

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