What an amazing week!

As you may remember in May I started a challenge to raise money for the MS Trust. I am planning on running 70 miles in May. Please remember my main symptoms are in my legs and I don’t run. So quite a challenge.

I started on Wednesday by running after work on the golf course. I soon discovered this wasn’t big or clever as it is uneven and hilly. I also played my weekly netball game. Day 2, I ran over the country park which wasn’t quite as hilly but still uneven. By this point my legs felt like I had hot pokers instead of bones. Day 3 I was on annual leave from work so went for a run around my home. Managed a lot more than I expected too out of sheer stubbornness. Day 4 consisted of a short run to stop my legs seizing anymore as I had signed myself up to a 5k for a local mental health charity. I hear you say “why on earth would you do that?” Well all I can say is I am equal parts stubborn and stupid!

Here we are on Day 5. I completed the 5k and got some bling and was supported by 2 lovely friends, Jodie and Laura who kept me laughing when I wanted to cry. By the end of the race my legs were agony and one leg had even gone numb but I managed a sprint finish (kind of) and collected my medal.

I cannot tell you all how proud I am although wish my legs would have allowed me to do better.

Now for a Sunday roast, glass of wine and a nice hot bath. In preparation for the next 7 days of running

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