Stubbornness, is it a curse?

I am over half way through my “Miles for MS” challenge of running 70 miles in May. I’ve ran 49 miles and played netball every week. It hasn’t been easy and I am in pain everyday, with every step and every movement of my legs, but I am stubborn and won’t give up. I have found a wonderful running group on Sunday mornings and I am starting with another one tomorrow I think.

I have received so much support from everyone, it’s been humbling to know how much every one cares and shows that with kind words and their hard earned pounds.

I have even been in the local paper and have asked to go into a school to talk to the kids. I have even had an article about me on my works social media platform which has a global reach. I can’t believe how much interest this challenge has received. The problem is, it’s fuelling the stubbornness. Which means despite the pain and discomfort, I’m feeling more determined than when I started this.

So my question to you all is, should I rest and have to up my mileage everyday for the last week or crack on? I know which I will chose! Crack on!

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